Yoga time With Aunty Awoof Today is Trikonasana

Awoof continue to surprise us with new fabulous Yoga poses# I bet there is no Yoga-lover like her and and such graceful like her# among dogs)

Awoof: Did you came for some yoga classes?

Ok, here is another Awoof’s adventure)Sorry for posting not so often, I don’t have my tablet now, but hoping to see it soon😳😀

The kitten meows and tries to say something.

This kitten was trying to say something. Who knows cat
language, help with translation? 🙂

I also have a kitten, only drawn 🙂

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Another Yoga practice! Salamba tripOD on HoneypOD 😏

The very important lesson in a dog life. How to mark a territory. The Royal Aunty Awoof gives a Royal tutorial.

Ft.Lil Pup